Your Complete Solution to VOIP by VIOP Infotech

VOIP abbreviated as Voice over Internet Protocol is based on methodologies, technologies and transmission of multi-session voice communication all across the world. It is considered the most advanced internet telephony. VoIP infotech is the best global service providers and provides the best VoIP solutions. They are also leaders of virtual number providers.

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VOIP infotech is the best virtual number providers. They provide the best virtual phone services in the world to keep the business running all the time. You can receive these calls anywhere and anytime. You can just forward these calls to your mobile phones. These virtual number services reduce waiting time and get Instant proposal on call. These virtual number providers by VOIP infotech will define mobile number or any PSTN number or any VOIP extensions.


The Reasons for Having Voip Billing Software Services

The best of Voip Billing Software offers various advantages and those are the very reasons for having such..

High performance: The best of Voip Billing Software ensures high performance. Even if there are endless calls made the software keeps track of everything and showcases those in the reports that are generated.

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Ease of operations: It is not difficult to operate such software when has from reputed suppliers. Anyone can use those and they can be easily installed. So, having such a Voip Billing Software it becomes easier for a business establishment to have a perfect control over the VoIP telecommunication means that are used.

Enhance profitability: Having such a Voip Billing Software one can expect to have enhanced profitability.

Important Tips for Choosing the Best VOIP Solution


Another way to whittle down the various choices is to check the quality of the VOIP services. You can set up a trial account and try out their services to see which one is good. VOIP uses broadband connection and naturally, it is essential for you to demo the various VOIP providers so that you end up utilizing the best VOIP providers for your business.

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Customer support:

It is always good idea to go in for VOIP providers who can provide you with reliable customer support, 24*7, all days of the week. Most users often experience technical issues when installing their first VOIP phone. And that’s why you need to opt for best VOIP providers who can provide you with round the clock support. These are some of the tips that you can use to narrow down your choices

VoIP Soft switch is New Age Convenient Telecommunication Face

VoIP is voice over internet protocol where there is transmission of voice and other content over internet. It is a central telecommunication network that helps in connecting the phone calls from one phone line to other across an internet platform. It is based on integrated network circuits and is more reliable.

Wide range of networks

With the help of VoIP Softswitch providers, it is easy and convenient to make calls without a lot of hassle. It helps in connecting from PC to phone or PC, IP Device to Phone and uses a wide range of routing system. There are many advantages of the VoIP system.

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High Scalable

 With the help of the VoIP Softswitch providers, one is able to get high quality and quantity of call routing that is available through VoIP Soft switch. It helps in connecting to a wide range of devices like phones, PC, IP devices etc. It helps in maintaining number of clients through telecommunication.

Different Types of VoIP Soft switch for SIP Communication

There are mainly two types of hosted VoIP Softs witch system provided by the Hosted VoIP Softswitch Provider “Class 4 Soft switch and Class 5 Soft switch”. The Soft switch is the prime hardware which uses as the server of the VoIP telecommunication networks. The hosted soft switch control the call routing, data transfer, video traffic, and other communication functions.

Class 4 Soft switch:

The Class 4 hosted Soft switch in VoIP is used as VoIP server in the VoIP communication network provided by the hosted VoIP Softswitch provider to support the routing process for long distance calls. In Class 4 Soft switch server the server is placed in between the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and the parent IPN (Internet Protocol Network).

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Class 5 Soft switch:

The other type of hosted soft switch provided by the hosted VoIP Softswitch provider for global VoIP service is Class 5 Soft switch. This type of hosted VoIP server is directly provided the routing service to the end users like the individuals, residential and office clients. In this server, the TDM locally interacts with the VoIP network.

The hosted VoIP Softswitch provider is installing the software switch in the same subset by using a special method describes here. They provide an opportunity for back- up creation and do configuration the server accordingly. There should be one port of the VoIP server connected with the Fort i Gate unless showing error in communication. The Soft switch protection is done by using a captive portal which allows only a specific user to access the server.



Unrevealing the Secrets of Exploring the Benefits of VoIP Service

The very first thing to be considered is voice quality might differ from VoIP service provider to another. An individual should understand the speed of the internet and bandwidth of internet connection along with the experience of the service lender assist in acquiring the perfect telecommunication for the business.

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It is known that as like all computing technology the VoIP is also vulnerable to security attacks and people should check with the VoIP service provider such that they implement effective network security that safeguards the information and offers a high-quality security to the data.


There are many situations which lead to the scheduled as well as unscheduled downtime whereby the VoIP service provider should be able to meet the demands of the business day and assist them in speedy recovery of the system reducing the downtime period.

Voice over Internet Protocol and It’s Service Providers

What Does Voip Actually Mean?

Well VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is one of the most advanced internet telephony. It transmits voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol networks. It was historically referred to using IP to connect private branch exchanges but the term is now used interchangeably with IP telephony. There are many companies that offersVoIP. Let us know best mobile VoIP providers which will help us to get better information about this InfoTech.

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How Does A Mobile Voip Works

It works with a simple mechanism. It works with a cell phone’s 3G, 4G, GSM, or other internet services to send voice calls. It sends signals over the internet using voice over IP technology.

It can also take advantage of the Wi-Fi- hotspots. This means that you don’t actually need to have a data plan or a plan for your calls. You can just use the Wi-Fi-hotspots and drop the costs of any cellular voice plan or even you don’t need to have a data plan for this.

Well there are many companies which give VoIP for mobile both for android as well as for iPhone. Let us see the best mobile VoIP providers present both for iPhone as well as for android devices

What Are The Benefits Of Voip Services?

An example of Virtual Number services is hugely seen in the vast majority of companies. With VoIP technology, companies cut back their general office expenses. Your employee will be able to connect from your home, being able to complete your work doing even face-to-face meetings with clients without the need of any additional equipment.

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Access to Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi network has grown and is available almost anywhere in the world. In many cities you can have access in public transport or in case of being on a business trip from the same hotel. You can hold business meetings from anywhere. Virtual Number services are available on all devices, from computers to tablets and can always be available to attend a meeting.

Trimming of telephone bill in long distance calls

Many VoIP operators offer a single fee for multiple accounts is much smaller than some fixed telephony business services. VoIP or Virtual Number services not only have audio but also allow you to write text, being able to see when messages have been read. This is just perfect for sales connections since the tracking contact is needed.