Different types of All VoIP system for different uses

All in one VOIP System Voice over Internet Protocol allows the people to make calls using the internet and it is the most significant development in telephone technology. You can make calls from your current telephone system such as your computer, tablet or your phone. For many businesses, VoIP is flexible services which provide better sound quality as standard telephones. The thing you will need is just a better internet connect and you will be able to call anywhere.


all in one voip system.jpg

What are the different types of VoIP system?

  • Software solution

It is the simplest form of VoIP as the software application can sit on your computer and allow you to make calls to the other users of the application. There are many All in one VOIP System are available in the market which is beneficial for the individual as well as for business.

  • Hosted VoIP

A third part will take care of the whole installation and call delivery with using a hosted VoIP services. It allows you to keep the focus on what is really important for your business.

  • Self-hosted VoIP

A self-hosted VoIP means that the people have to take care of the entire installation and the call delivery process by themselves. It is quite impossible unless you have an expertise in VoIP technology. It is better for large business where a lot of expert personnel are available and know to use All in one VOIP System.




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