Android SIP Dialler – The One Stop Solution for SIP Calls

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a novel protocol that employs VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services to make free voice and video calls. Android users can engage in to making calls that are reasonably priced or mostly free and can look at using these services on their handsets.

There are certain prerequisites for utilizing VOIP services such as having any latest android smartphone that supports SIP calling. VOIP services assists in supporting the SIP protocol and the customer is liable to use his account credentials on an Android SIP client to avail the service.

To make the Android SIP Dialer work, it requires a SIP address that can be procured from numerous SIP providers for free or at marginal costs, and a need for a SIP client is a must that works on the device to make calls. The calls made to the SIP users are usually free.

Android SIP Dialer 2.jpg

Configuring/Set up of SIP on Android devices is effortless and it doesn’t take long to set up on any phone. Having an account with VOIP service is a must along with a compatible device. The Android SIP Dialer client requires details such as username, password, server-domain address etc. and calls can be made and accepted once the configuration is through.

There are many Android SIP Dialers available online and after installation of the required app, configuring the settings on the android smartphone is an essential step too. To activate SIP calls, select the required options such as smart call handling make necessary configuration changes in the Phone account settings too.

Depending on the model of the handset, check call handling and make sure the credentials such as username and password are typed in. The many benefits of Android SIP Dialers are they can be used on many devices, easy to use for video conferencing and can be used without much hassle.


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