Which One to Use for Business – Landline Phone or VOIP Device?

Gone are the days, when businesses used to rely on that boring tring tring phone wired devices to communicate with their employees or clients. The advancement in technology and communication space has made the way for new and advanced better solutions.

This has helped businesses streamline their day to day activities and get in touch with their workers in a hassle free way to get the work done in an optimized manner.

What is a Landline?

Traditional phone devices are the ones that runs on the basis of the services provided by local or regional telephone service provider. To help businesses set up multiple phone extensions onsite private branch exchange (PBX) hardware was installed. This was also used for transferring calls and as extension directories.

What is a VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol popularly known as VOIP device makes use of existing Internet connection to send and receive messages or make calls. The technology used is capable of converting audio signals from a speech into digital data through a broadband Internet connection.

Which is best suitable for your business – VOIP or Landline Phones?

Convenience – There are a myriad of benefits associated with VOIP device, firstly it allows the business to make and receive calls without the limitations of any location and time.

Customization – The major difference between traditional landline and VOIP is customization. With VOIP the users can customize the services as per their needs and requirements.

Cost Savings – VOIP system is more affordable as compared to landline device because the messages and calls are sent and received as Internet data instead of a device that runs over copper lines.

When it comes down to cost savings, convenience, customization, scalability and versatility – the VOIP device outranks the traditional phone devices. This is the reason why many organizations have embraced this latest technology.


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