How to choose right hosted voip softswitch provider?

The traditional hardware-based switchboards are substituted by hosted voip softswitch provider. It has all the features and functionalities of a traditional switch and many more.

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The sophisticated, reliable and robust Softswitch

  • It brings down the cost of owning the equipment and it, in addition, allows you to do a lot more than what people could have achieved with traditional platforms.
  • The hosted voip softswitch providers offer you the sophisticated, reliable and robust Softswitch system.

The softswitch have both the switching logic and the switching fabric, switching logic role is played by the Call Agent, switching fabric is accomplished in the form of a Media Gateway. The call agent is also called as the ‘brain’ of the softswitch since it controls all these switching functions.

The cost-efficient way of communication

  1. A next softswitch is competent in managing numerous media streams like voice, fax, data and video traffic.
  2. The softswitch is able to support signaling protocols for connectivity over TDM or VoIP.
  3. The VoIP technology has revived again and has turned into a cost-efficient way of communication.

VoIP Softswitch is growing in popularity. It has following features

  • The advanced feature set,
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Strengthening of the VoIP itself to provided sustained carrier-grade QoS.
  • The softswitch has consequently started to replace traditional switches based on hardware

VoIP Softswitches have certainly lowered the financial and management burden on companies that are aspiring to offer telecom services. The hosted voip softswitch provider offers functions like

  • Signaling,
  • Call services,
  • Call routing
  • softswitch controls and manages diverse Media Gateways over a TCP/IP link.

The Media Gateway facilitates the connectivity of different media streams to generate an end to end data or voice call.



Knowing what is hosted VoIP soft switch provider ?

Typically, VoIP means Voice over IP and hosted VoIP means a service that is usually provided by another company an outside company. “Hosted” means that the PBX and hardware are hosted at an off-premise location from where the VoIP service is used. An office can host their VoIP telephone service at the office only and powers their phones there itself, but their PBX can be hosted at the data center of their VoIP providers. Hence it’s known as hosted VoIP.

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hosted voip soft switch provider allows your business to connect with any other business or teams virtually

From anywhere, which can be a remote office, the on field, etc? If you are using these services must make sure that the data centers should have sufficient connectivity, redundancy, and power to provide high availability of the service. These services make it possible to receive and make calls over the internet and the auxiliary telephony services, which are needed for mainly business use, like voicemail, virtual attendant, call routing, etc

Hosted VoIP service

hosted VoIP soft switch provider has got many advantages when compared to an on-site VoIP system or a traditional phone system.

  • One such benefit is the cost – The cost to set-up a hosted VoIP soft switch provider is much less than an on-site PBX. In some cases, no set-up fees are required for hosting a VoIP system. Hosted VoIP phone systems do not fall under capital expenditure rather they fall under functioning payment. It makes the systems attractive and appealing to businesses.
  • Another benefit is a less complicated backdrop – This is yet another advantage where a customer is not required to be a VoIP or telecom expert to get a hosted VoIP. The hosted VoIP soft switch provider will take care of all the installation and set-up, which means that you can completely rely on the service providers without having much expertise.

Benefits of Best hosted voip softswitch provider

The term Hosted VoIP can be divided in Hosted and VoIP, where “Hosted” tells that the hardware and PBX are hosted from a location away from the site where the Voice over IP is being used. A site can have VoIP telephone service that is used in their phones in the office but their PBX can be hosted at their VoIP data service providers. Many ISPs provide this best hosted voip softswitch provider .

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There are various advantages of hosted the VoIP service over the traditional calling services. Some of which can be as:

    A hosted VoIP system costs much less compared to the traditional system.

    there is also no installation cost for a hosted VoIP.

    The VoIP systems are considered as an operational expenditure and not a capital expenditure.

The right best Best hosted voip softswitch provider a good service, with minimum delay and data losses. These services help you opt for these services economically