Make Tele-communition Business More Efficient By Using SIP Dialer

To enjoy unlimited call, choose a SIP dialer that offers global support. This way, even international calls will have only nominal costs. Also, for your convenience, make sure your SIP dialer easily integrates with your existing phone systems; if not, it should need SIP or VoIP registration.

Using a SIP dialer in a contact centre is a lucrative way of increasing the productivity and performance of the company. This low-cost way to communicate can keep operations expenses low while keeping productivity high. Not only does it help call centres manage their calls, but it also reduces skyrocketing telephone bills.


SIP dialer application offers an almost unlimited number of lines with speeds of up to 100 Mbps to allow several folks and synchronized calls. A call centre using this dialer can also offer expanded services including teleconferencing. If you have an SQL database or a web-based CRM software used for monitoring and reporting purposes, make sure your SIP dialer can be integrated with your existing system.

On top of all these, using this software can also serve as a security measure for the call centre, since a SIP dialer can also ensure that calls are completely secure. Other useful call benefits consist of call queuing and automatic call back initiation.This application can be also used in video based training to ensure proper procedure. This way, all call backs will be made when necessary.

Moreover, this programe can actually aid protect a business from toll-fraud and other possible security problems. A call centre has the choice to spend in this software license or to avail of a SIP dialer service instead. The latter option is effective as it also often come with additional features packaged along with the software; these features regularly include training for contact centre staff and ongoing technical support.


How to choose the best SIP dialer service?

Sip dialer services enable the users to get the communication easier using international networks. You can make international calls at an affordable cost using sip dialer service providers. You need sip or VOIP registration to facilitate your task if you do not have a good connectivity with international communication carriers.

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Why to activate sip service?

In fact, you can avail more benefits from sip dialer services if you activate predictive services along with them. These services offer advantages like sending pre recorded messages to multiple numbers, reject wrong or fake numbers automatically, and answer multiple calls at the same time.

Another advantage from sip dialer service is automatic call back in case of important contacts. You can integrate the sip service with your existing CRM software or SQL database. Before that, you should make sure that your data base systems are connected to highly secured networks. The basic security requirement for sip services is that they should be compatible with Financial Service Academy FSA and OFCOM.

Some sip service providers offer training to the clients related to sip communication before the activation of the services. These may be personal or video training sessions. The best sip services do not need your investment for hardware and installation of the devices.

The Provisions of the SIP Dialer

The Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is the VOIP service adaption protocol in the normal smart phones. This technology has made the VOIP available in the smartphones of the commoners, especially in the cell phones with android operating system. The SIP dialer is used in this case, where this technology is installed and invoked to let the use utilize the provisions of VOIP calls.

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  • What does the SIP dialer do in the android phones


Usually the SIP service is available in the normal phones in free of cost or by a few amount of cost. The SIP dialer serves some purposes. Therefore, this technology is being popular and desired to the users. But you have to install the software or the technology in the device to utilize its provisions.

  • It provided the provision of customized usage of the dialer to the users.
  • This dialer keeps the track of the callers and called number in a well equipped sorted out list under that particular number.
  • This sorted out feature helps the users to keep the track of received calls, missed calls, answered and unanswered calls quite easily.


Thus, this dialer helps the users to keep an assorted call list, which is quite helpful for any types professionals.

Best parts of SIP Dialer

SIP dialer is a creative technology that integrates VOIP service with SIP dialer framework. It is now realized that prescient dialer naturally dials various calls without accepting the assistance of call focus operators which additionally increment the proficiency of the specialists to speak with the clients. Be that as it may, with the coming of this technology, it has nearly reformed the calling procedure by improving the abilities of SIP dialer which in turns additionally give lucrative increases to the organizations. This technology is very proficient and performs each assignment with due immediacy.

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Highlights of SIP dialer framework

The capability of SIP dialer can connect various specialists and clients in the meantime and can perform a considerable measure of other work other than calling. Different individuals are currently regularly empowering them in their work with a specific end goal to upgrade their business efficiency. This inventive advancement can demonstrate its best outcomes in the work zones.

The most noticeable part of this technology lies in its speedier connecting process that can without much of a stretch improve the proficiency of the specialists. SIP dialer runs multiple battles simultaneously in various structures, for example, it can affirm the accessibility of the specialists to go to the calls, confirm voice sends naturally, review on a similar number from which it got missed calls, substantiate the call logging, recording and administration process and so on.


What do you mean by SIP dialer?

Soft phone dialer is just another popular name for SIP dialer. Is this term new for you? It is not some kind of foreign element, it is simply a software that is purposely used to make phone calls over VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Due to its number of benefits, it is gaining popularity.

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Cost Effectiveness

The most effective benefits of this its cost effectiveness which is liked by most of the people who are using it. So, get ready to avoid the large telephone bills which are making your pocket empty. So transferring your calls over the data lines of the Internet will interest you more. Isn’t it?

Time Saving Ability

SIP dialler has the ability to broadcast the messages to a large number of people at  a time which will surely saves the time. So, opting for this one will definitely save your time and you can use this time in something productive.

It is an effective and efficient way of staying in communication with the potential customers and clients. Once you record the message in the computer system, then you can easily broadcast the message to the large group of people at a time. It is widely used in single conversation.



Use Session Initiation Protocol for making cheap calls

SIP Dialer is now an inseparable part of Android at present. Making use of the integrated dialer of SIP gives users a smoother experience. Earlier, users had to keep switching between the softphone dialer and the dialer. This did not allow smooth calling to users. But, with Session Initiation Protocol, all of these problems seem to vanish forever.

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Requirements for Android based SIP Calls

Basically, it is possible to receive and make VoIP calls from all devices that support the advanced protocol of SIP. Android devices, for example, support the Session Initiation Protocol.

For many years, Android has been supporting SIP. Even the 2.3 a.k.a version of Android allowed SIP Dialer facilities. So, it is obvious that all newest versions of Android such as Gingerbread Marshmallow support the SIP.

For using SIP on the Android device of yours, you must have your SIP Address. Most of the SIP providers offer SIP Address online to users at zero or a minimum price. If you call to other users who use SIP, the calls are absolutely free. There are several SIP Apps that you can install from Google. Once you configuration process is complete, you can enjoy the advantages of SIP and access it from the Android device of yours.

Use a SIP dialer for higher efficiency

A SIP dialer is software that automatically dials a complete group of phone numbers. This dialer is responsible for connecting each active call to an available agent. It processes outbound calls to ensure that agents don’t waste time dialing numbers or making unsuccessful calls.

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A SIP/VoIP dialer is a mixture of two powerful technologies: predictive dialers and VoIP communications.

No need for telephone lines to connect-

  • This means that SIP predictive dialers do not use a telephone line to make the calls but through the company’s Internet connection.
  • It is a great step in direction of higher efficiency.
  • This does not only save call center businesses telephone costs, but it also eliminates the need for telephone lines.

Following are the requirements for calling

  • A computer (a desktop or a laptop),
  • The SIP predictive dialer software,
  • An Internet connection

Low investment cost and high efficiency- It filters out the calls that are unanswered or are picked up by answering machines. It also filters all the numbers that are inactive. This significantly improves efficiency in exchange for a low investment cost.

SIP dialer can broadcast a single recorded message to numerous recipients immediately; it can send to as many as thousands of telephone numbers.