Renovating the Business of the Telecommunications

Telecoms are billing software Systems procedure file of call data through matching all call against a consumer record as well as rating it alongside a price list to create a cost on behalf of each call.


The data frequently arrives as of a third party as an everyday or monthly data file recognized as a CDR file. The billing procedure takes every call also first matches the patenting number alongside the consumer database to find out the customer price list also to use this call. Every call is then valued against the price to create a direct charge for the call.

Call information records may derive from diverse sources depending on the mechanical options working by the reseller, who can provide VOIP services through one supplier in addition to traditional telecoms facilities through another.

Part of the telecoms billing software process is to execute reconciliation wherever some bills are a check on behalf of accuracy also the totals aimed at the month are checked in contradiction of the telecoms supplier invoice besides validated against previous months to watch for any difficulties.

The real billing run frequently includes the creation of the invoice besides a data file having the monthly call data on behalf of each consumer. A summary may as well be imported into an accounting system.

Make a Smarter Move with the SIP Trunking

The initiative of moving to SIP trunking from your traditional way of making calls can be a smart move for your business. It is because everything is undergoing severe changes with the hope of better business and service as well.

The Reasons Behind Switching

The age of making traditional calls is over. It is digital time demand the digitalization of everything including the calling procedure. Switching to SIP is the move to the digitalization for better impact. The reasons behind it can be like as the followings-


1. Voice Clarity

Betterment is always a matter of expectation. The voice clarity makes the quality customer service better with the help of this new data based calling technique.

2. Cost of the Service

The cost of the service matters a lot while taking a professional solution. If the price seems more than the quality of the service, it cannot be considered a good one anymore. The SIP trunking service provides better service in lesser price. This quality has made it worthy.

3. Other Facilities

The other services like call management, cloud hosted database management and the unified managed of the operations make the service easy to use. It can give the business an enormous progress against the lesser effort.

Get the Smart Telecommunication System with the Help of Hosted VOIP Softswitch Provider.

The time of calling through mobile number has become smarter with the smart calling technology. This technology uses the IP addresses as the calling medium instead of mobile numbers. The call transmits its actions through Softswitch. Hosted VOIP Softswitch provider uses this software as the transmitting platform of the track.


Advantages of Softswitch

This software provides the following conveniences to the service-

It works as a platform, where the right track for call forwarding is defined.

This software manages the calls with the services of call waiting; call forwarding, notification sending, and auto redialing.

The hosted VOIP Softswitch provider offers the facility of prepaid and post paid options for taking the service.

In this system, the customers can customize their mobile plans with auto billing service.

It has different settings manual in which calls can be recorded and can be kept secret also.

It uses data as the voice transmission medium instead of mobile tower connectivity.

It monitors the calls and reports any trouble. This call reporting service helps the hosted VOIP service provider to grab the business with the good reputation.

Thus, the technology has brought about a revolution in telecommunication method. This procedure is known as the digitalization of the voice.

Mobile VOIP Providers have Made Phone Calling Smarter

Digitalization procedure is keeping its fleet in every sector of life. Phone calls are not an exception to this. The mobile VOIP providers have made the calling over IP addresses popular for its smart features.

The Exclusive Features

Apparently, there are no big differences in calling via IP address from the traditional phone calling method. Still there are some exclusive features that have made it a small calling technology of the time.


1. No Use of Mobile Numbers

The mobile VOIP providers use the IP addresses of the cell phone as the contact ID instead of the phone numbers.

2. Uses Data as the Calling Expense

This technology uses data to establish a contact. It does not cartel the main talk time of the cell phone.

3. It keeps the Mobile Number Private

This service has been proved useful for the business purposes. In such cases, people can make the business calls using some professional IDs keeping their own cell phone numbers private.

4. It Determines the Location

Mobile VOIP providers can detect the places of the phone calls through the IP of the phone if necessary. It helps in many investigations.

Considering these helpful features, this solution has become a renowned way of telecommunication.

Unified Communication Advances the Connectivity System.

Unified communication is meant for the exchange of ideas among different people instantly. It connects people at any place to receive immediate contact in various forms like messaging, VOIP calling, emailing, video calling, etc.


How the Unified Connectivity Works?

This kind of connectivity includes different systems at a time to provide a particular service. Suppose, you are making a video conference in your mobile phone, in this service, the back end of the device provides the audiovisual service and the VOIP service provides the IP-to-IP connectivity. This communication is the unified communication because it clubs two types of connectivity at a time to provide a single service. This multifaceted form of the service has gained popularity for its conveniences.

The Convenience of the System

The main convenience of the scheme is that it can establish communication with people from different place and in different time zone. This system helps you in the following manners-

You use this system in an office environment while executing simple office works.

It helps you to connect with your clients while having a serious team meeting.

The smart phones, being the device of unified communication can be the connecting medium via VOIP or video calls while working in some remote places.

Unified Communication makes the life easier and offers personalized service

UC (Unified Communication) the mode of information for attracting the people and exchanging the details. With the technology advancement besides the business person now general users are also using the online service be it mobile phones or computers, it makes the conversation lively.
This is collaboration and makes the interaction between the peoples. Such modes of communications from voice to text, real-time and asynchronous are known unified communication.


It makes the conversation as a real-time, flexible and adequate in nature; this makes accessibility to the obstacles. Every organization has a tie with the organization and the IMS that makes a direct support of the telephone calls from any place to another and to anyone. It doesn’t make the availability and appearance of the recipient.

The Unified Communication offers the flexibility to the users in terms of the location and organization as well. From video conversation to real-time voice calling more choices of the indicators and other various modes of communication are available.

The real-time voice calling and conversation through video chatting has become the most common practice. The UC offers the multi-tasking facility and offers the solution of the end choices by contacting the other person. It is just a reason to send the message and contact another person.

The increasing requirement and users of the Unified Communication gives the support and increases the support role of mobile presence, it creates an end support to the users. The available interface for the flexibility and communication makes the business collaboration also easier.

Bring the real difference with the UC today and feel the comfort of communication with technology advancement.

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