New solution for the new generation: VoIP iPhone Mobile dialers

To make the communication system better and advanced iPhone Mobile dialers is acting like a boon and have provided the real fun through the internet adds on tools. Just like Android has grasped the market like anything the iOS have also made the users addicted.

iPhone Mobile Dialer 2.jpg

VoIP SIP is one such example that is used with the almost all the operating system of mobiles through the software. It has given a great replacement to for digital and landline phone service. The advanced feature that is graphic representation makes the easy contacting service and at a very nominal price.

To develop the interest of the users more the iPhone Mobile dialers facilitates with designer, GUI buttons, contact list to make an easy call facility, menu, voice dialing feature, creating advanced themes and display, connecting and tuning through the IP, making call conference, call forwarding and much more. The SIP Proxy network serves as the middlemen mode of conversation and gives the cheap solution to make the calls. The VOIP calling system makes the easy calling facility to the existing contacts in phone and helps in making the calls through clicking on the selected option.

It is highly used in the business sector and now is also getting used in personal sector for contacting friends / families easily.  Now contacting anyone at any point of the world has become easier than ever and that too for almost free with amazing audio quality. Way forward the benefits to its users:

  • It saves time and money through quality and easy contacting systems
  • Quick calling from anywhere through internet
  • Easily installed and compatible with all models of iPhone
  • Service can be availed online through reliable VoIP outsourcing, dedicated server provider

It is a complete solution for the Apple users that is easily supported not only on iPhone but in iPad, Mac book also. The easy operating features, user friendly interface, quick installation and available in different versions as per requirement makes iPhone Mobile dialers a perfect idea for communicating in low price.



Free Applications provided by Android Mobile Dialer

Now- a – days, mobile phones are becoming lifeline of the current generation. Still, there are people who cannot afford to make calls due to their financial deficiency. However, Android has come up with something new. It can be the best solution for all your financial problems. Android is offering many applications that allow you to make free phone calls to anyone and from any place. If you have an Android phone, then with the help of its application development, you can enjoy many applications.

Here are some of the best Android Mobile Dialer applications that allow you to make calls without any cost:

  • Guava

Gizmo5 team had developed Sip droid Guava app. It enables users to make free calls to US numbers. This application is affiliated with Google and anyone can synchronize it with Google Voice to make free texts and calls. With this app, we can also receive calls on Google voice number. The only limitation for this is that you need internet connection for this.

  • Google Voice

This app is now in Android version. It functions in real time and helps you to receive text as well as voice message as movement comes. The app is better than its older version that enables you to check new messages in about fifteen minutes. The new version has inbox synchronization feature that enables you to send free text and make ISD with the help of Google number. The text messages are free, but this is not the case with the calls.

  • Skype Mobile TM

The android version works like an iPhone. You need to sign into Skype and see all your online contacts. Send free messages and make calls with a stable Wi- Fi connection now.

  • Viber

This app allows users to make free calls to other Viber users with 3G or Wi- Fi connection. The best thing about this app is that it is by default in your android phone. It is integrated in your phone and there is no need for separate phonebook.

Therefore, we see how important it is to get a good Android Mobile Dialer. It has become a lifeline of many business houses and home users. Get the best one for yourself now.


Billing software a must for VoIP providers

In today’s world, the VoIP is taking over all the mediums of the communication as it is the effective and efficient ones among others. As more and more people are resorting to VoIP providers to provide them with the connection, it has become a frightening task for the keep track of all the processes. But efficient VoIP billing software can ease up the situation as it can save time and add more precision to the VoIP business.

VoIP billing software 6

The provider has to keep a record of the minutes used by the millions of users, which is not at all an easy task to accomplish. So the need of software arises, that can keep track of minutes and also can meet the complex billing requirements.

As your business starts growing, there is an increasing difficulty in maintaining all the customers’ details regularly manually. Keeping the track of the client’s records flawless manually is not an easy task. The solution is getting VoIP billing software that is specially developed keeping in view the problems faced by the VoIP providers.

It not only helps the provider to generate the flawless invoices, but also manages the client’s account. If the provider of the VoIPs is buying the software from the wholesaler, there are lesser problems in setting up as the whole system is automatically integrated with the system. The software comes with an inbuilt management solution for the billing. Also, the solution is with outstanding accuracy, the chances of the mistakes are not there, and the VoIP provider can take this burden off their shoulder.

With advanced features in the billing software, there are no loopholes in the process of the billing. As the inaccurate billing can result in losing the reputation and eventually will also affect the business. Some of the important features are:

  • User- friendly interface and navigation
  • Detailed payment, refill, and transaction log for the agents and the customers
  • Multiple payment options
  • Monthly automatically generated invoices
  • Call analytics

Apart from bringing down the cost the VoIP billing software also helps in generating the invoices and sending them over the web. Thus, VoIP provider can save a lot of courier bills to customers manually.

Advantages of using services by VoIP Service provider

When you can use the computer to make a phone call with the help of special software is called VoIP. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. VoIP service provider has done its service for all those who prefer using the computer for calling purpose.

All in One VOIP System 4

VoIP is very easy to install, configure and also maintain. Even with the people who do not have much knowledge about the VoIP can install the system on their machine. Rather than someone to come and operate it by doing the wiring one can do it themselves as not much technical know-how is required. IP phones are simple to install, and it’s easy and inexpensive to add new users. Also, the available web portal makes it easy to configure the system anytime. VoIP service provider  have made it very easy by not having any hardware to be installed; only software is required. is one of the largest providers of the VoIP services across the country.

The Advantage Provisions offered by the Mobile VOIP Providers

VOIP is the newest technology in the methods of communication. It is available in the multiple devices like in a desktop, mobile, tablets, etc. The mobile VOIP is gaining its fame in the business world along with the familiar people. The mobile VOIP providers allow the users to attend and make the phone calls and text messages via the Internet.

The Advantages of the Service

The advantages of the solution are-

    The service offers low-cost communications globally. So, it is profitable for both personal and commercial purpose.

    As the facility is allotted in the cell phones, there is no location boundary of using this solution.

    The mobile VOIP providers develop the app for the conventional operating systems like Android, IOS, blackberry, windows, etc.

Considering all these facilities, the Internet calling provisions in the cell phones have achieved a remarkable position both the professional and personal like of the people. (https:\\

How can you get benefitted with Telecom Billing Software?

Currently, the smooth functioning of the business has ample to do by its telecommunications, which is why concerns are implementing compatible telecom billing software to help in their everyday business operations. The software is vital in managing costs and expenses, along with the budgeting of company payments. In the end, the trade is capable of preserving its outcome because of being positive in doing what is essential to control spending as well as billing.

It is vital to know, though, that it is not fair the wireless phone business using telecom billing software. Owing to telecom usage within the concern being capable of being analyzed, examined, examined, and a report made, all concerned parties are capable of reviewing the outcomes. Once the results are reviewed, any necessary changes can be completed so that the concern’s profits improve.

Telecom billing software is moreover well-known for reducing otherwise eliminating new also recurring billing mistakes. A single mistake can cost a concern a lot of cash. Billing errors may do with conflicting info or failed communications among programs. Financial activities which are spread through different programs leave additional room for error.

Such mistakes can cost in the mode of having to give a consumer credit for the error. If the whole thing is correct as of the start, then no sudden adjustments will be required.

For further information on telecom billing software, please visit –

Benefits to the Small business by using VoIP

There is an enduring increment in the interest for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone benefit among business endeavors in light of its complex highlights and functionalities that are emphatically helpful for enhancing business effectiveness and general profitability.

voip software for business 1

The voip software for business endeavors everywhere throughout the world trust in the guideline of limiting expenses without trading off on operational effectiveness and VoIP telephone system to a great extent meets this prerequisite.  (

How this is so beneficial

The VoIP benefit gives even a little or average sized business the picture of a major enterprise. The auto specialist oversees calls approaching an extremely proficient way, welcoming the callers and presenting them with a rundown of alternatives for call steering to the coveted augmentations. Also, the auto specialist office guarantees that no business call is missed.

Programming based voip software for business benefit is the preferred decision of numerous entrepreneurs worldwide as this sort of VoIP benefit implies calls are free, particularly when the correspondence happens starting with one PC then onto the next finished the Internet. You can make boundless number of free calls gave the beneficiaries are utilizing the same VoIP office on their PCs.